ASTON MARTIN Specialist Body Repair Centre
In the year of 2001, Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. introduced the
V12 Vanquish, a supercar which has the unique chassis/ body
construction featuring the advanced technologies. Since then,
the same concept has been featured on all the Aston Martins
such as the DB9 and the latest Vanquish S appeared in 2004,
as well as the latest V8 Vantage appeared in 2005.
The DB9 as well as the V8 Vantage are built on the extremely
rigid but light weight Aluminum Bonded Frame. This new chassis frame to
be used for all the new Aston Martins which will be introduced from now on.
Bonded Aluminum Frame as well as the body panels made of light weight SMC material requires special equipments and techniques
for the repair work. The DB7 and other pre DB7 Aston Martins were built with the conventional form which can be repaired
with the skilled body shops with the usual body repair techniques but the V12 Vanquish and later models.
For the body repair work of V12 Vanquish, DB9 and the V8 Vantage, the different level of technique as well as special and unique shop equipments are required. To have such ability and equipments to do the proper repair work, the shop must have the the same level of function as of the Aston Martin factory. In other words, the shop with the well trained skilled craftsmen, mechanics, and the special tools and equipments is able to perform the quality work.
To support the quality of life of our customers with their exceptional Aston Martins, we
had the contract with the Aston Martin Lagonda Limited to be the authorized Aston
Martin Body Repair Centre by having all the required training programs per each
models at the Thatcham Training Centre in England.
In the year of 2004, we have completed the repair training of the V12 Vanquish,
in 2005 for DB9. and in 2006 for V8 Vantage. By completing these programs, we
have become the factory approved Category-A Aston Martin Body Repair Centre.
The certifications for the Category-A AMBRC and for all the present models issued by
Aston Martin Ltd., please clickon the photos on below.
ASTON MARTIN BODY REPAIR CENTRE CATEGORY A   V12 Vanquish Body Repair   DB9 Body Repair Course   V8 Vantage Body Repair Course  
Aston Martin Body Repair Centre/ Category A Certifications
AML Headquarters & DB9/ V8 Vantage Factory
Gaydon, Warwickshire, England
  AML V12 Vanquish Factory
Newport Pagnell, Buchinghamshire, England
V12 Vanquish 2004 DB9 2005 V8 Vantage 2006
Thatcham Training Centre
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